DoTERRA: Peace & Balance

doTERRA Peace

If you are a worrier or often leave tense situations feeling overwhelmed, you may sometimes feel powerless to help yourself or change the situation. But, with doTERRA Peace in your oil collection, you already have one possible answer. Simply smelling the aroma of doTERRA Peace can help bring you back to the mindset that you can face whatever comes your way. Here are some of our favorite uses:

  1. Put a few drops of doTERRA Peace in a diffuser necklace, lava bead, or even on a cotton ball in your cup holder in your car. This way, the power to counteract any negativity is just at your fingertips, whether you have the bottle with you or not.
  2. If you’re having trouble sleeping, diffusing doTERRA Peace is also a great way to change your environment from one of worry to rest. 
  3. When you wake up with a potentially stressful day ahead, apply a few drops of doTERRA Peace on your feet, wrists, and heart to feel calm and peaceful from the start.

doTERRA Balance

Included as one of the oils used in the AromaTouch® Technique, doTERRA Balance is a great blend to keep on hand. Created with the purpose of grounding emotions, doTERRA Balance is formulated with emotionally beneficial essential oils that work together to create a sense of calmness and well-being. Some of these essential oils include: Spruce, Ho Wood, Blue Tansy, Blue Chamomile, and Frankincense. When applied to the skin or diffused, doTERRA Balance can ease anxious feelings and create a soothing and calming environment—encouraging relaxation.  Some of our favorite uses of doTERRA Balance include:

  1. When faced with occasional feelings of anxiousness, apply doTERRA Balance on your wrists and neck to calm and soothe.
  2. Before going to bed, apply doTERRA Balance to the bottom of both your feet. This calming and soothing blend will encourage a restful night’s sleep.
  3. For a relaxing and restorative bath, add a few drops of doTERRA Balance along with some Epsom salts to the warm water.

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Naughty Science

As health care professionals we are expected to be knowledgeable about current health trends and media, so when my cousin asked me what I thought about the new film "What the Health" on Netflix I was quick to give it a watch and report back. At least I tried to watch it.  I couldn't even finish it. From the moment it started I had a strange feeling.  The feeling I imagine Hansel and Gretel had when they were chilling in that candy house with the creepy old lady. I felt an ulterior motive.  It took me the 0.2 seconds required to Google search "What the Health critique" to confirm my suspicion (search Robb Wolf, his is great), "What the Health" is in fact Vegan propaganda.

Now before the vegans get upset, realize that I have spent time in my life as a vegan, I personally don't eat dairy, and I limit my consumption of meat.  My issues with the movie are not with veganism at all, they are with the manipulative way that certain "facts" are presented. My issues are that this movie is rooted in bad, naughty science.

 The idea of science has an air of specificity and precision that almost gives it a free pass from scrutiny. For someone without a graduate degree, most research articles seem like they are written in a foreign language.  A large portion of the Doctor's responsibilities is to sift through all of the information to weed out the insignificant findings and misinformation. I would like to present some of the heavy hitters when it comes to the ways that science can fail us.

Weak Study:  Some of the references within the film are to a cohort study populated by self reported diet questionnaires.  If one were simply to hear the fact that the results of a study revealed a certain conclusion, they are apt to believe it. With more investigation, the validity of cohort studies in general are always in question1. There is no way to account for all of the variables influencing an individual's life, no matter how much paperwork they are provided.  On top of that, they have to fill the paperwork out with perfect recall, which rarely happens. 

Misinformation and Omission of facts:   There is a lot of focus on the evils of meat, saturated fat, and a relationship to heart disease in the film.  These references are to a flawed study, which was referenced previously, but what is more sinister here is the subtle way the information is presented.  The studies references showed a correlation between processed meats and health issues. They directly use the phrase processed meats, but it will take an astute observer to notice that 2-3 second segment.  From there they demonize all meat, even though the flawed study they reference shows no direct correlation between unprocessed meat and coronary artery disease or type 2 diabetes.  Grass fed and organic pasture raised meats are not even mentioned. 

Confirmation and Publication Bias:  Flat Earthers and Holocaust deniers can find the evidence they need to back up their minority viewpoints.  This is confirmation bias.  In a very human, but a very unscientific way we will find the data we need to justify our beliefs.  Until we have full AI and androids running our research labs, the human element cannot be eliminated.

To believe that all of the published research is all the research that has ever been done is a virtuous and naive belief.  Humans run the scientific journals.  Humans fund the studies.  Gary Taubes, in his book "Good Calories, Bad Calories", exposed Ancel Keys and his faulty saturated fat research from the 60's and 70's.  This expose is further confirmed by a recent discovery of contradictory research that was shelved in favor of research that supports a hypothesis of animal fats being the enemy.2  Confirmation bias and publication bias were wed here in holy matrimony.       

Humans, Ego, and Delusion:  Beyond the facts that we cannot be trusted to fill out forms, or publish all of the research available, we as a species are so arrogant that we believe we have accounted for all of the factors involved in each situation we are investigating.  BJ Palmer, the developer of chiropractic,  was ahead of his time when it came to this realization.  He would do his research on patients in shielded cages which blocked the external electromagnetic fields in the area.  Physicists today are attempting to detect gravity waves in facilities buried miles beneath the earth.  There's a natural Schumann resonance frequency to the Earth that effects our sleep cycles.  The location of the moon with reference to the earth effects the tides which in turn affects the sleep cycles of the surf community in Santa Cruz.  There are too many variables, and these are just the one's we're aware of. Quantum effects still being a mystery, even to quantum physicists, there is no way to account for all of the minutia which hold influence over a given situation. 

I remember being taught about critical thinking over and over in primary school.  I didn't truly reflect on what that phrase meant when it was being introduces.  What we have today is an oversaturated supply of information sources.  Critical thinking is more important than it ever has been.  Luckily, with a little bit of time and effort one can perform their own due diligence to dig into the truth, or they can wait for their chiropractor to do it for them. 


Tony Murray DC 



Path of Action or Least Resistance?

Which path are you choosing in life and for your health?

Human beings are the only animal that have conscious choice. We choose nonstop everyday. We prioritize what our life looks like. We can choose the path of least resistance or the path of action. We choose to invest our energy (or life force) into what we consciously, or unconsciously want or are trying to avoid. The new year is often a time when we look at our lives, our health and well-being and set out to create something new. Often times, these intentions are short lived. The path of action takes constant engagement with what we want in our heart.

Maybe we want to lose weight, or have more energy, more fun or make maybe make more money. We want a lot of things and yet as the year goes on, we inevitably lose sight of what we really want due to the momentum of the past and our current tension patterns unconsciously operating our life. These patterns of stress, reaction and then inevitably compromise are inherent in the process of growing as a human being. It takes work to change the groove our body and mind is set in. Recognition that this process is happening and getting present to what we really want and as well as the likely future we will be faced with if nothing changes is the start of something new. This is a suggestion away from fear, to a place of realizing life is precious, and short, a finite time we get the opportunity and freedom to play this amazing game.

Creating a new relationship with our body is the best first step. The body is our master, test it - try holding your breath! At some point, the breath takes control and we succumb. The powerful patterns of how we operate in the world actually come from deep inside ourselves. Fundamentally, from our nervous system.

Chiropractic is actually about creating freedom and a new possibility in the operation of our nervous system. When we get adjusted and aligned - it feels so good! We are at ease, our muscles relax and our nervous system is at ease, momentarily. Then, the sum total of our accumulative tension patterns recoilless and we find ourselves fighting with our tense bodies once again. The reason the adjustment is not long standing is because the tension patterns that make up us have tremendous momentum.

To change, truly change, takes ongoing work. Three forces create change: frequency, duration and time. Period. If you eat burgers every night, for 6 months - the result is you'll gain weight! If you eat one burger once a year, it won't have an impact. So, to create sustainable change it takes regularly, intensity, over a period of time.

Consider this, why would you have stiff back or neck, muscles spasms or feeling constantly tight? Muscles are controlled by nerves. Muscles hold bones together. A muscle only spasms if it is getting a signal from the nervous system to hold bones together, to try to keep you in alignment? Alignment is essential to function of the human body, much like it is to a car. If your car is out of alignment, you have constant wear and tear happening, until you find yourself smoking on the side of the road. When we don't care for our vehicle, our body, the alarm system mechanism i.e. symptoms express. When we ignore the vital intelligence of our body communicating with our conscious mind, it is the path of least resistance we've inherited. The programming that "if it ain't broke, no need to fix it". That belief that the absence of symptoms mean we are healthly. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Cancer has no symptoms for 20 to 30 years in most cases. 

When we commit to care for ourselves whether we are sick or well, we change the relationship with our body. Imagine waiting until you have a fight with a friend or partner to give them roses, or wait until we are sick to eat well. It doesn't make sense. Choosing to go beyond the world of denial, reaction, autopilot, of good/bad, right or wrong and self judgement - we move into the world of feeling our heart, our body and listening to what it has been whispering all along - what we need:  love, movement, sleep, touch, a vacation, fun, connection, change, meditation... our attention. 

Consider that chiropractic is not only for back pain. Chiropractors merely use the back to access the nervous system to make a change. Your brain controls your body through the spinal cord. It's your nervous system that creates the change, releases tension, brings the ease and balance your feel after an adjustment. Chiropractic simply creates the possibility for something new to occur within the body. It directly shifts the tension patterns of body and mind connection. See for yourself the freedom possible when your nervous system is clear and connected. I invite you to a new possibility - of extraordinary health and well-being. Try something new. Try chiropractic as the regular contact for cultivating the change you want in your health and life. Take the path of action: shift the relationship with your body, embrance the ongoing creation of the body and life you truly want in your heart! 

Screw It - Let's Glue It

Life goes on, day by day... we don't notice all the different ways that our amazing body compensates and copes for the accumulative demands and traumas of life. Then, one day we wake up and we look in the mirror... Maybe we seem shorter, or slouched over or we that we have a hump on our back!? How did that happen? It seemed overnight. I see it everyday. People come in all the time with areas of their body that are getting glued together. The reality is if the body can't heal it on its own, it says: "Screw it - let's glue it".

This is the bodies intelligence encapsulating dis-ease to reserve resources for health. Did you know that it only takes 24 hours for scar tissue to form? Our incredible human physiology is constantly growing and forming over time. We are not mechanical (like a car) we are dynamical (like a star) taking in energy from our total experience. Completely & totally dynamic. The deal is we have to do things on a daily basis that remodel or design our being. We have undo what is or has been done. If you have a hump forming on your back, you have to undo it. We have the ability to *remodel* our body.

We may think "I need exercise more..." Well, yes. It certainly is going to take our own individual effort to change our body, and at the same time, we have to take take a step back and look at what actually gives our body its nourishment and ability to change. What controls our body? The brain and  the nervous system. It controls.... absolutely everything. All nourishment, communication and coordination occurs first and foremost within and from the nervous system. All growth, all chemical processes, all conduction  from the brain through the spinal cord to the body depends on the ability of free flowing nerve impulses. 

Mother Nature completely enclosed the brain and spinal cord in bone... Why? Because it is the single most important tissue in the human being!

Every single human being has had trauma after trauma. Thousands. From birth, as a child falling, car accidents, repetitive stress, you name it. Mostly, we remember the last insult, when in reality, there has been so many that we can not even begin to recount. 

Our body stores this information. For better or for worse. Which is more important? Heart function or the use of your hand? The body has to prioritize. That's its job. Every injury is linked into the spine. It's all connected. The body will compensate. Health is flow, flow of the fluids, blood, lymph and nerve impulses. If there is flow, there is life. Tone is another word that the original chiropractors used. Tone is vibration or a flux of the impulses of the vital force or life in the physiological tissues in a human being. This force is what animates the living, the difference between life and death. 

The loss of tone, or flow because our physiology is primarily a fluid environment, causes dis-ease.  Loss of flexibility caises our tissues to become hard, then bloodflow and nerve flow are compromised. If further crystallization of the tissue tissues occur,  energy cannot be conducted.

Restoration of the tonicity, motion and fluidity of the tissue must be restored. Look at a little newborn baby. Fluid as a water balloon. Then, pat your grandpa on his back (hard as a wall).  Fluidity, motion is life. This is what *normally* happens as you get into your 40's, 50's and 60's, right? Common -yes.... Normal - absolutely not. 

I had an aha moment in chiropractic school. In cadaver lab, all of the bodies were donated from Stanford University. They were said to have died from "natural causes".While opening up the abdomen, taking out the organs, thinking I would finally see the spine, what I actually found was literally at least 3 inches of caked up, glued up scar tissue over the entire surface of the spine. There is absolutely no way nerve energy could conduct through that. people didnt die from natural cause, they died from a common cause.

Because the spne is the center of the body, motion must originate for the center. Chiropractic specifically restores the flow, then we can do our best, daily... to move our bodies from a place of integrity and alignment. It's all about the flow of life. 


Healing a Boo Boo Belly

Healing a Boo Boo Belly


Coming back from a trip to India & Nepal unscathed is pretty much impossible when it comes to picking up a critter from something you've ingested. I've been super sweet to my belly after clearly having a digestive upset as a result of this exotic trip. Ya, it showed up in the usual ways: belly bloat, a bit of belching, occasional wicked cramping session and of course alternation of no flow and... a whole lot of flow, you know what I mean.

So, whats the best thing for a boo boo belly?  Regardless of what the source & origin may be, first and foremost: get adjusted. Your nervous system controls what? Everything! Especially your immune & digestive system. So, chiropractic first and then do what you can, "outside - in" to assist the healing process. 

Taking the load off digestive system altogether is important to restore gut health. This means really eating light for a while, no joke. Making & eating "jook" or congee in the mornings is a wonderful way to take the pressure off and introduce a soothing, healing state back to the system. Being the experimental scientist that I am, I must say I feel amazing, with loads of energy and no more of the pescky symptoms after only one week of doing jook. 





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